The Independent Employee

"New ways to motivate staff"

    key topics include:

  • What motivates the new generation of employees
  • How they expect to be managed
  • Why management styles must change
  • The importance of trust, flexibility and control
  • Why employees expect to be appraised and measured on results

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Half a day. This is a completely new and fresh look at what motivates employees. It is short, interactive, informative, interesting and fun.

A completely new look at employee motivation based on research into the fastest-growing organisations. The average new employee will have at least 11 jobs in their working life and this fundamentally changes their attitude to work. So, the new 'independent employee' brings a different set of demands, attitudes and motivations to the workplace.

  • Do you want to ensure that all your staff are motivated and productive?
  • Do you want to harness the ideas and expectations of the new generation of employees?