Transitioning Leadership Style Management Programme

Have your management styles changed with the new demands of your changing culture, customers and employees?

See our new Transitioning Leadership Styles course and learn how your managers can successfully adapt to the demands of the new workplace and markets.

Powerful Presentations Management Programme

Do you want to be able to present your ideas in consistent and powerful manner to colleagues and clients in a way that will guarantee results?

The Powerful Presentations course is extremely practical, fun, supportive and encouraging. It will change for ever the way you present.

Intentional Service Management Programme

Developing service strategies to reflect your culture

The Intentional Service programme shows how to develop a service strategy to reflect your culture and give superb, consistent service to your customers.

Brutal Truths Mangement Programme

Do you want your managers to be more proactive, aware and responsive to the key issues affecting your organisation?

The Brutal Truths process opens communication about the fundamental issues facing your organisation. It results in a more open, responsive,co-creative and inclusive culture.

Managing New Realities Management Programme

How are the fastest-growing companies managing their markets, customers and staff?

A short, unique, thought-provoking seminar. Managing the New Realities is a perfect and timely addition to your management-development programme.

The Independent Employee Management Programme

How can you ensure your staff are motivated and productive?

Our Independent Employee seminar is a completely new and fresh look at what motivates employees. It is short, interactive, informative, interesting and fun.